Alyssa Divine – The Princess Of Mars Needs A Cab


Alyssa Divine – The Princess Of Mars Needs A Cab. The interstellar taxi driver Dex is about the sing of for the day. His boss gets in touch with him about the last minute passenger. Dex does not like it at all. But the boss says there is no one he can trust for this one except him. For 7500 credits he agrees with him. But after he says who is the passenger, Dex can hold himself to say “fuck!”.

Alyssa Divine – The Princess Of Mars Needs A Cab

The passenger is the princess of Mars. The news says she been kidnapped, but after she teleports on his sheep, he understands what’s going on. The ebony princess is just run away from home cos she is looking for a big hard cock for her juicy twat. Dex is not sure about it. Soon after, the highness begins to tease him. Later on, when she goes down for his dong, Dex thinks different. He will bang the cock hungry princess, plus he will get a fat payment. Actually, that is a good deal for the end of the day. So, he begins to bang this slutty ebony babe until he cums on her pussy.

Date: November 9, 2018

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