Biker Fucks Hot Czech Babe Alexis Crystal


Biker Fucks Hot Czech Babe Alexis Crystal. Kai Taylor walks into motorbike showroom to talk with Natalia Starr. Sexy blonde babe Natalia is now out of his motorbike gang but she has news for him. Apparently, she claims that their new guy, Alexis Crystal is a rat. Alexis is with the gang for only get herself a story because she is a journalist. Kai can’t believe Natalia but he has to be sure about these news, so he drives trough gang’s hang out place.

Biker Fucks Hot Czech Babe Alexis Crystal

Kai finds blonde babe Alexis hanging out with other bikers. He calls her and asks her to jump to bike. Kai drives through the country side. Now, they can talk in private at outdoors. Kai confronts Czech babe Alexis about her being a rat. Alexis admits that she is a journalist but after joining his gang, she feels more like a gang member than a journalist. Also, now Alexis is ready to proof her worth to him, by banging him on his motorbike.

Date: January 4, 2019

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