Black Stud Fucks Gorgeous Czech Taxi Driver Cherie


Black Stud Fucks Gorgeous Czech Taxi Driver Cherie. It is a cold winter day and our busty female taxi driver Nathaly Cherie is waiting for a customer. Finally a black man approaches her vehicle and asks if she is free. Czech bombshell Nathaly invites black man inside for the ride.

Black Stud Fucks Gorgeous Czech Taxi Driver Cherie

He is going to central station and asks her to turn on heater. It is rare to see a black man in Czech Republic. On top of it, our sexy driver has never been a black man before and she confesses this to her passenger. Also, she asks if the rumors about the black men’s cock is true. Guy admits that he has a big black cock. Oh, now it is time for Nathaly to make her naughty offer. She tells him that it will cost him 40-45 Euros till central station. But this ride is going to be free for him if he shows his cock. Nathaly wants to see a big black cock badly and pops out her big fake tits to turn him on. Guy accepts her offer and pulls out his BBC. Oh, after seeing a cock this huge, Nathaly can’t let him go before he satisfies her pussy.

Date: December 20, 2018

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