Dance Instructor Victoria Vargaz Shows Special Moves


Dance Instructor Victoria Vargaz Shows Special Moves. J Mac is jogging in the park as always. But this time, he stumbles upon a slender brunette in the park, dancing alone. Bold guy likes the babe and approaches her. He starts a conversation with her, maybe he can get her number.

Dance Instructor Victoria Vargaz Shows Special Moves

Slender brunette Victoria tells him that she is a dance instructor, mostly salsa. Sexy Latina is practicing her new moves in the park, because she feels better at outdoors. J Mac tells her that there is a wedding in this month, a friend’s wedding and he wants to impress them by learning some dance moves. He asks her if she can teach him how to dance better.

Slutty instructor accepts his offer but tells him to go in her place because she can show some special moves of her. They get into her apartment together, where her moves turn out to be lap dance. Soon, she is wearing nothing but panties and J Mac’s massive cock is in her twat.

J Mac Fucks Latina Dance Teacher Victoria Vargaz


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Date: August 31, 2017