Guy Nails Twerking Black Babe Brandi


Guy Nails Twerking Black Babe Brandi. Sean Lawless is a pick up artist and now he is walking around the park for a new woman. Finally, he spots an amazing black babe with big tits. So, Sean approaches her, Brandi. This time, he introduces himself as a manager.

Guy Nails Twerking Black Babe Brandi

Sean tells him that he is looking for hot women with perfect round ass for a rap video, to twerk. Busty ebony thinks he is a fake but Sean knows his way to convince this black chick. After the talk about the details, guy invites busty black babe to show her twerking skills in his office.

In the office, black babe changes into a sluttier outfit to reveal her amazing curves. When she starts to twerk, Sean can’t keep his hands to himself but gropes her big butts. As ebony Brandi wants to get the part for the rap video, she allows him to do as he please. Even, she is ready to fuck him for the part.

Manager Fucks Big Titty Ebony Brandi


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Date: November 11, 2017
Actors: Brandi / Sean Lawless