Hadley Viscara, Sofi Ryan – Sorority Car Wash


Hadley Viscara, Sofi Ryan – Sorority Car Wash. Busty college student Hadley has a member of sorority member. Their sorority needs extra cash for the summer activities. So, busty blonde babe starts a car wash business to raise some extra cash for her sorority. She wears mini white top and very small shorts because her curvy body can manage to sell more car wash.

Hadley Viscara, Sofi Ryan – Sorority Car Wash

Ramon Nomar sees the blonde babe jumping while showing her car wash sign. Actually, Ramon is all seeing her big natural tits, bouncing over white top. So, he parks his car in the garden and let her wash his car. This way he can watch her big tits in white top.

Before blonde teen Hadley starts to wash his car, another sorority member approaches. This one is brunette and her white top in showing her big natural tits and nipples. It turns out Hadley and new one, Sofi are in rival sororities. So they start to compete for this car wash. Babes make wet their big natural boobs and Ramon’s watching pleasure doubles. Soon, they rip their white tops and reveals these natural wonders. They uses their boobs on window clearing.

They make each other wet and soon college girls washes each other’s bodies. Rubbing around each other’s big natural tits makes them so horny that they start to make out in front of Ramon. Then, they takes the guy into sorority house to include him in their make out. Now, sorority sisters gets his big cock in their mouths one by one and suck him. Latin guy first pumps brunette teen and than fucks blonde one.

Hadley Viscara, Sofi Ryan - Car Wash Rivalry


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Date: August 17, 2017

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