Husband Nails Visiting Friend Sloan Harper


Husband Nails Visiting Friend Sloan Harper. Busty blonde teen Sloan Harper has learnt that her best collage friend has moved to Florida. Blonde teen has never been into Florida so it is a great opportunity to pay a visit to her friend.

Husband Nails Visiting Friend Sloan Harper

Beautiful teen Sloan arrives at noon to her friend’s place but she is not in the home. Her husband welcome her inside and gives her a house tour. When busty blonde Sloan sees the pool, she starts undressing just in front of Tony Rubino. Tony tries not to peep on his wife’s friend but Sloan says it is ok.

Sloan tells about her past college days. She says that Sloan and his wife were total slut back in the day. His wife has fucked with her and her boyfriend, many anal threesomes. Tony can’t believe these stories because he had no idea about his wife’s slutty past. So, he decides to call his husband.

Naked Sloan feels so sorry to tell these sex experiences. Only way out from this situation is fucking this married man right here. So, he will feel that he would make the score even with his wife. Sloan makes her move and reaches his cock. With a hot body likes her, it is the easiest task to seduce and fuck a married man.

Married Guy Pounds Wife's Friend Sloan Harper


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Date: November 12, 2017