A Foursome Lesbian Porn Action With Hot Babes


A Foursome Lesbian Porn Action With Hot Babes. Cute teen Kristen Scott was massaging with Alex De La Flor, online, when she asked to take a look to her site. Kristen hesitates a bit then lied to her. Later on, Alex tells her that she is a model and sends some of her photos. Alex knows Kristen is a photographer, likes her style, wants to get in touch. After seeing her photos, Kristen thinks she is soo hot, flustered with them.

A Foursome Lesbian Porn Action With Hot Babes

Soon after Alex offers her to meet up in Vegas. Also, she mentions her that she wants to fuck her. The shy girl just slams the laptop. She is too shy to say yes. But definitely, she wants that hot chick. After some time, Kristen meets up with her friends Aidra Fox and Carter Cruise in the Carter’ bedroom. After Aidra breaks her heart a little bit about her virginity, petite teen Kristen shows the picture of Alex, tells them her sexy offer. That is a nice motivation for all of them, soon after they get on the rood to the Vegas.

Date: December 20, 2018

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