Fake Patient Fucks Big Butt Nurse AJ


Fake Patient Fucks Big Butt Nurse AJ. While driving through his house, Romeo stumbles upon a blonde woman in blue nurse uniform. She is picking up something from truck. Oh dear god, when she bends over, Romeo can’t take his eyes from her gorgeous big butts. Apparently, this blonde nurse is helping a disabled guy. Romeo stops his car and tries to get her number for a date. But this hot nurse rejects him.

Fake Patient Fucks Big Butt Nurse AJ

While thinking about her amazing ass, Romeo comes up with a plan. He calls a medical shop and buys himself a wheelchair and patient scrubs. He drives the place where he has met her. He takes off his clothes and wears patient scrubs, reverse. He intentionally do this to show his big cock. When she goes out of this place, he sits on his wheelchair, drives through her car and he throws himself to ground. Of course, Aj Applegate gets out of his car and helps him. His trick as fake patient works and she takes him to bed. Now, he asks for a body cleaning and sexy nurse does as he asks. While cleaning his cock with glove hands, he becomes so big hard. He pretends having so much pain because of his erection and asks her to help with releasing.


Pretend Patient Fucks Blonde Nurse Aj Applegate

Date: November 10, 2018

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