Ice Cream Man Fucks Teen Kristen Scott


Ice Cream Man Fucks Teen Kristen Scott. It is the hottest day in August. Naughty teen Kristen goes to garden, she is hopping to find some breeze. Sexy teen is wearing skimpy bikini top and shorts but it is still too hot. To her luck, ice cream guy shows up at the corner of her street.

Ice Cream Man Fucks Teen Kristen Scott

Brunette teen buys an ice cream for herself and starts to lick it. Because of the heat, ice cream is melting too fast. Some of the ice creams spoils on her slender body. Now, she needs to take a shower, or not? Our pervert ice cream man Tony Ribas summons a bottle of cold water and offers to clean her. He slowly spills the water on her teen body. This turns Kristen and she decides to take ice cream man inside.

They jump onto couch in the living room where Kristen pulls out his big cock and chokes on his hard dick. Pervert seller takes off her shorts and gropes her cute butts then licks her pussy. Now, she is ready to handle his cock in her dripping wet pussy for a rough sex.

Horny Teen Kristen Scott Fucks Ice Cream Man


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Date: August 19, 2017

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