Waiter Fucks Slutty Bartender Eve Ellwood


Waiter Fucks Slutty Bartender Eve Ellwood. Brunette babe Eve Ellwood is going to be bartender in a party. Seth Gamble is here to assist her as waiter. While party organizer is telling them how they behave, bartender Eve starts to tease waiter Seth. Eve is so horny that she can’t wait till the party end to get laid.

Waiter Fucks Slutty Bartender Eve Ellwood

Sexy bartender jumps on the bar and spreads her legs in red tight skirt. Slut starts to rub her clit, inches away from Seth’s face. Horny bartender immediately asks for Seth’s help and waiter is ready to serve her as she likes. Behind organizer’s back, Seth rubs and fingers her pussy.

Perky waiter gets on the floor and hides behind the bar so organizer can’t see what she is up to. She opens his zipper and gets his cock into her mouth and sucks him right there. When the organizer leaves the bar to take an important phone call, Eve uses this chance directly get into fuck.

Horny Bartender Eve Ellwood Seduces Waiter


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Date: November 19, 2017

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